Rejoicing in 20 Years of God’s Faithfulness

Brian’s dream teams of systematic theology and new testament studies. Yes, this actually happened.

I want to thank God our heavenly Father for a great, Christ-exalting weekend! The Word of God was preached by Tom Schreiner and Bruce Ware with passion and precision. The fellowship centered around God’s faithfulness for 20 years has made my heart full. Seeing my spiritual family enjoy the feast this weekend was a pure delight!

On Sunday morning in Sunday School I spoke on Reflections on 20 Years. Afterwards, Tom Schreiner said to me, “Everyone who is in this church should have been here! They SHOULD have been here!” Although it may sound self-serving, I agree. If this is your church family, you should at least listen to it when it is posted to sermon audio.

Thank you’s

  • I want to thank our church family and the many, many visitors who took advantage of the feast and contributed to the joy!
  • I want to thank all those who generously opened their homes to out-of-town visitors.
  • I want to thank Ashley, Desiree, Makelah, Levi, Zach and Chad for the wonderful times of worship in song.
  • I want to thank Nannette and Rebecca for all that they did to make the conference comfortable for our guests with refreshments and the lunch on Saturday.
  • I want to thank Nathan for all the time he put into the sound/video ministry.
  • I want to thank those who worked in the nursery.
  • I want to thank Carolyn and Mollie for all the preparations.
  • I want to thank Jason for his technology stuff.
  • I want to thank those who gave their testimonies, it was a great joy to hear them!
  • I want to thank Tom and Bruce for their excellent preaching.
My heart is full. 

Pastor Brian

P.S. I’d love to hear your own reflections and thoughts on the 20th Anniversary. Please post your comments below!

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