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Suffering Serves the Saints

Yodh (y) Stanza (73-80) The Psalmist has taught us that affliction is part of God’s good plan for us (67, 71). We know that God is at work in the pain. But this stanza adds another dimension to understanding affliction: it is not only for our growth in faith and grace, but it is also […]

God is Good and Does Good

Teth (j) Stanza (65-72) This stanza has ministered to me more than any other in Psalm 119. I have preached these verses to myself in many circumstances. Verse 68 kept me sane during some of the deepest trials of my life. The central theme is God’s goodness, especially His goodness to us in affliction. Five […]

The Exile’s Inheritance

Heth (x) Stanza (57-64) Every Israelite has an inheritance in the land. Exile would mean expulsion from the land and loss of the inheritance. So what do you do when you are removed from the land and it looks like the inheritance is lost? The Psalmist, as an exile, looks to the ultimate reality of […]