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Savoring the Sweetness and Getting Smarter

Mem (m) Stanza (97-104) This stanza shouts, “Daniel!” We will see why shortly. This stanza also distinguishes itself as an all-out celebration of the Word. There is no plea or petition in this stanza, which is a major contrast with the others. It is an explosion of love for the Word of God and what […]

How Firm a Foundation!

Lamed (l) Stanza (89-96) My wife and I recently watched a movie based on a true story of some young adventurers who went deep into the Amazon jungle. At one point, the party of four split up; two going out on foot, the other two built a raft and were going out by way of […]

Facing the Breaking Point

Kaf (k) Stanza (81-88) Exhausted. Spent. Done. Languishing. Brittle and about to shatter. Sometimes this is what life feels like. We want to love the Lord and walk in obedience with vibrant faith, but we feel like we are at the breaking point. The Psalmist was there in this stanza. The observant reader notices that […]