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Learning from an Unfaithful Manager Pt 2

Luke 16:1-13
Jason Ching
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  1. What was the framework discussed for how to use money?
  2. How do we seek the right attitude in using money?
  3. If we truly believe that our money belongs to God, how will that practically be demonstrated in our lives?
  4. How can we end up serving money without realizing it? How can we change that?

Learning from an Unfaithful Manager

Luke 16:1-3
Jason Ching
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  1. What is the main point Jesus is making?
  2. How can some of the difficult parts be possibly clarified?
  3. How can Christians be shrewd in using their finances for eternal good?

Two Lost Sons

Luke 15:11-32
Jason Ching
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  1. Describe the sinful condition of the younger brother.
  2. How have you squandered God’s blessings like the younger brother?
  3. What do we learn about God based on the father’s response to the younger brother?
  4. Describe the sinful condition of the elder brother.
  5. How can a Christian’s attitude be like the attitude of the elder brother?
  6. How can we repent of an elder-brother attitude?