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Two Lost Sons

Luke 15:11-32
Jason Ching
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  1. Describe the sinful condition of the younger brother.
  2. How have you squandered God’s blessings like the younger brother?
  3. What do we learn about God based on the father’s response to the younger brother?
  4. Describe the sinful condition of the elder brother.
  5. How can a Christian’s attitude be like the attitude of the elder brother?
  6. How can we repent of an elder-brother attitude?

The Savior who Seeks Sinners

Text: Luke 15:1-10
Speaker: Jason Ching
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  1. What context are we reminded of by reading the last verse of chapter 14?
  2. Describe the attitude of the Pharisees and Scribes. How do you see this kind of attitude in yourself?
  3. What is God’s attitude toward repentant sinners? How is this different than common perceptions of God?
  4. We see many parts of God’s character in this parable. What most stands out to you?

Stolen Blessing, Saved Seed

Text: Genesis 27:1-46
Speaker: Brian Borgman
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  1. What is the nature of Isaac’s real blindness concerning Esau and himself?
  2. What redeeming quality or motive is there in Rebekah’s deceit?
  3. How could that quality or motive have been better expressed?
  4. In the encounter between Jacob (as Esau) and Isaac, what stands out to you?
  5. How do Isaac and Rebekah reflect the weakness of their marriage?
  6. Are Christian families always nice, neat, squared away families?
  7. What lessons here give you hope?