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When it’s too late

Luke 16:19-31 Jason Ching 5/28/17 [Listen or Watch] There is an urgency that Jesus wants us to have. How does this urgency apply to Christians and to non-Christians alike? Why wouldn’t a miracle convince people to believe? What stories from the Bible demonstrate this truth? How would you like to help the poor? Is this […]

The Lord of the Law

Luke 16:14-18 Jason Ching 5/21/17 [Listen or Watch] How should God knowing our hearts affect how we live? What kinds of behaviors look good in front of people but wouldn’t impress God? How did Jesus’ coming relate to the Law and the Prophets? How does this affect how we view Jesus?

Two Lost Sons

Luke 15:11-32 Jason Ching 4/23/17 [Listen or Watch] Describe the sinful condition of the younger brother. How have you squandered God’s blessings like the younger brother? What do we learn about God based on the father’s response to the younger brother? Describe the sinful condition of the elder brother. How can a Christian’s attitude be […]