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Dealing with Hostility and Pressure

Gimmel (g) Stanza (17-24) Introduction The aleph stanza (1-8) focused on the happiness of an obedient life. The beth stanza (9-16) showed how to live a pure life by the Word of God. The gimmel stanza (17-24) speaks to dealing with outside pressure and hostility. There is a progression. If we, by grace, live a […]

The Believer’s Path to Purity

Beth (b) Stanza (9-16) Introduction: When a young person and the world intersect, it can be an overwhelming experience. How many times does the world win! The author of Psalm 119 (Daniel, as I have proposed) either finds himself, or in later reflection found himself, bombarded by the allurements of the world. With few exceptions, […]

The Christian’s Cry and Commitment

Aleph (a) Stanza (1-8) The first stanza in the Psalm stands in the same relationship to the rest of Psalm 119 as Psalm 1 does to the rest of the Psalter. There is the same emphasis on the joy of obedience to the Word. The Blessedness of Obedience 1 How blessed are those whose way is […]